Tabachnikov Stanislav Isakovych was born on the 1-st of May, 1940, in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk region (Russia). He received secondary education at secondary school № 2 in town Kurakhovo Donetsk region (Ukraine). He continued his education in Kislovodsk medical school. Tabachnikov Stanislav Isakovych received higher education at the medical faculty of Donetsk Medical Institute. Since 1961, he had been in military service / assistant of medical officer of 90 Air traffic controllers brigade; from 1963 to 1970 he was a student of the medical institute, underground medical assistant of Hanzovska-2 “Makiiv coal” mine. After graduation of the Donetsk Medical Institute named after Maxim Gorky (DonDMI), on the 1-st of March, 1970, he was appointed to the post of a doctor-psychoneurologist of the LTP Department of Internal Affairs of the Murmansk Regional Executive Committee of the city of Apatity.

         From 06.09.1971 he worked as a senior assistant of the laboratory of the Department of Psychiatry of DonDMI, and from 15.10.1973 he became an assistant of the same department. Tabachnikov Stanislav Isakovych received PhD in Medicine sciences on the specialty “Psychiatry” (09.10.1973), the title of assistant professor on the 25-th of November, 1981.

         On the 20-th of July, 1984, by Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR Tabachnikov S.I. was awarded by a degree of Doctor of Sciences in Medicine, and in 1986 he was awarded the title of Professor of the Department of Psychiatry of the DonDMI. From 01.01.1986 he was the founder and the head of the department of psychotherapy and psychiatry of FUL DonDMI, and from the 28-th of June, 1986 till November 1999 he was the head of the department of psychiatry, psychotherapy, medical psychology and narcology with the rights to read the course of sexology at FPO DonDMI. In the period from 1978 to 1986 he was the first deputy pro-rector of medicine at DonDMI, from 1989 to 1991 he became the President of the medical and medical-technical cooperatives of the USSR. Since 1992 till nowadays he’s been the President of the Association of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts of Ukraine.

        For the first time in Ukraine in 1992 Professor S.I. Tabachnikov organized the Donetsk Psychoanalytic Circle together with the European school of psychoanalysis (“Paris-8”) in France, and he’s carried out training of psychotherapists and medical psychologists on psychoanalysis.

        By his scientific researchers Professor S.I. Tabachnikov has made a significant contribution into the process of the development of psycho-hygiene, psycho-prophylaxis and psychotherapy for contemporary industrial manufacturing. He has repeatedly participated in international exhibitions “Coal-83” (c. Donetsk, Ukraine) and “Coal-85” (Czechoslovakia), as well as VDNH USSR, USSR with proposals for the implementation of psycho-hygiene and psycho-prophylaxis into coal industry, shipbuilding, metallurgical, chemical, nuclear industries, for which he was awarded by one gold (1986) and two silver medals (1988, 1991) and by two diplomas of the participant of these exhibitions.

         Among the awards prof. S.I. Tabachnikov has such honors of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: the breastplate “Peter Mohyla” (2005) and “Decline of Education of Ukraine” (2007); also he has such Awards, as: participant of the presentation almanac “Business Image of Ukraine” (2005; 2013); honorary award of Grand Duke Volodymyr – Golden cross with a bow – for a significant contribution to the revival of spirituality and patriotism, the education of young people of independent Ukraine (2007); Order for cooperation with internal troops of Ukraine (2004); Medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2004); Medal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For the Health of the Nation” (2012) and the star “Patriot of Ukraine” (2013); anniversary commemorative sign “80 years of the National Academy of Internal Affairs” (2012); Medal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Flagships of Education and Science of Ukraine” (2013); Medal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Flagships of Contemporary Medicine” (2014); Medal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Medical Elite of Ukraine” (2014); Letter of thanks of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For a significant personal contribution into the formation and the development of the health care system of Ukraine” (2014); church medal “For sacrifice and love for Ukraine” (2016); anniversary sign – the Order “Great Ukraine” for 25 years of Independence (2016); Order of Prince Konstantin Ostrozhskyi “For outstanding achievements in the development of the social sphere of philanthropy and active participation in the implementation of social policy in Ukraine” (2016); the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles of Prince Volodymyr the III-d and the II-d degrees (2016; 2018); Award – the Honorary Doctor of the National University of the Republic of Paraguay (2017).

         Professor S.I. Tabachnikov took an active part in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident directly at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant as the head of the medical brigade of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (from 04.10.1986 to 20.10.1987), and from 01.01.1988 to 30.06.1988 he was the head of the rehabilitation and health center for workers in the “Combine” (Chernobyl city) and “Spetsatom” (Pripyat city). For active participation in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, he was awarded by two medals of the President of Ukraine (by Zhukova, 1998 and by the Defender of the Motherland, 1999), also he was awarded by 10 Honorary Diplomas and Acknowledgments of the USSR Civil Defense Headquarters, by two Letters of thanks of the Commission of Government of the USSR, the Honorary Sign “Participant of the LPA on Chornobyl NPP” (2001), Honorary honors, dated by the 15-th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy, thanks from the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, the Honorary Award “For Humanity” (1996) and the Order of the Hero of Chornobyl (2012) by the decision of “The Central Council of Chernobyl in Ukraine”.        

         From December 20, 1999 to October 15, 2012 ha was a director of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry and Narcology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (UNI SSPN). From 10.10.2012 until 2017, he was selected as the Head of the Department of Social and Clinical Narcology UNRI SSPN of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

           From 02.01.2018 he was the deputy director of scientific work and forensic psychiatry and expertise of the UNI of SSPN of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

          From 2012 untill nowadays he’s been the Deputy Head of the Specialized Scientific Council of the Institute on specialty 14.01.16 – psychiatry; also he’s been the member of approbation Council and Commission Problem in specialty “Narcology” at UNDI SSPN Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

         Professor S.I. Tabachnikov is the founder and editor-in-chief of the International Psychiatric, Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Journal of the APPU, the UNI of SSPN of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences of High Education of Ukraine, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of such Magazines: “Herald of Mental Health”, “Scientific and Information Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of High Education of Ukraine”, “Journal of psychiatry and medical psychology”, “Ukrainian neuropsychiatric journal” and other periodical specialized editions of Ukraine. He participated many international and World Congresses of Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Canada, Greece, Spain, etc.).

         Under his guidance, 17 doctoral students defended dissertations for the Degree of Doctor in Medicine and 23 postgraduate students defended researchers for PhD in Medicine. He is the author of six monographs. He has scientific achievements more than 500 scientific articles, he’s co-author of 4 textbooks.

         In 2002 he was elected an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine. Since January, 2004 he’s been the founder and academician-secretary of the department of mental health problems of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Academy of High School of Ukraine, and from 2007 to January 17, 2017 he was a vice president-chief academic secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine. From January 18, 2017 he fulfilled duties of the President of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, and from 25.11.2017 he has become the President of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education. Among the honors of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education he has the medals of “St. Vladimir”, “Yaroslav the Wise”, “O.O. Bohomolets”, “Ivan Pulij”, “For successes in scientific and pedagogical activity” and others.

         S.I. Tabachnikov constantly has increased his professional level. He has higher qualification categories in psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy and medical psychology.






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