Congratulations to Anatoliy Viktorovych SHOSTAK on his 75th birthday!
Congratulations to Anatoliy Viktorovych SHOSTAK on his 75th birthday!

The Presidium of the public organization "National Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine" sincerely congratulates on the 75th anniversary of the birth of a Ukrainian scientist, an outstanding educationalist-innovator, an extraordinary personality who made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian science and technology, a professor in the specialty "Sociology of Management" of the National of the University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine, Distinguished Education of Ukraine, Distinguished Engineering Service of Ukraine, Honored Scientific and Pedagogical Worker of NUBiP of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Vice President for Development, Use and Maintenance of the web portal РO "NAHES of Ukraine" SHOSTAK ANATOLIY VIKTOROVYCH.

For more than 30 years, Anatoliy Viktorovych successfully combines teaching activities with applied methods, develops and implements active learning methods in the educational process; works in the direction of motivational management, information technologies and scientometrics, etc. The scientist and teacher developed a unique methodology for evaluating the professional activity of scientific and pedagogical workers and structural divisions of educational institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation with the subsequent determination of their rating. In addition to the NUBiP of Ukraine, the method has been implemented in NTUU "KPI", DNZ "University of Education Management" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and dozens of universities in Ukraine and other countries.

On this day full of sincere wishes, dear Anatoly Viktorovych, we not only join the numerous greetings of your colleagues, like-minded students, but also express our deep respect for you as an energetic outstanding scientist and talented teacher.

We are deeply convinced that your professional level and work experience will continue to serve as a reliable basis for successful activities for the benefit of our Ukraine in such a difficult time for it.

We sincerely wish that your professional, scientific and public activities will be full of satisfaction and creative victories, may new horizons of future prospects always open before you, and may successes inspire you to further achievements in the name of the prosperity of our state!

Good health to you, a peaceful clear sky, especially in such a difficult time of war, well-being and well-being, family comfort, all sorts of good things, inexhaustible energy and vitality, happiness, joy, harmony and goodness for many, many and good summers​!


With best regards

Presidium of the РO "NAHES of Ukraine"


  • Congratulations to Anatoliy Viktorovych SHOSTAK on his 75th birthday!

Шановні користувачі, з метою уникнення розповсюдження спаму та реклами, просимо Вас авторизуватися через профіль в соціальних мережах.

Це не займе багато часу, та не потребує заповнення жодних форм. Дякуємо за розуміння!

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